Our Mission

AMERICAN ELITE LED Ltd. serves to be the leader in LED technologies, distribution, sales, rentals, and productions in the United States.  Our industry experience, professional goals and global partnerships bring innovative LED products to US based consumers.  

Our global partners vision and products expand production workflow, installation timeliness, and Innovative advancements.  Optimizing LED touring design with special features including, light weight durable and curving frames. Improvements in module and power box design significantly saves time and reduces the difficulty of on-site maintenance.  Unique all-in-one ladder/ rigging systems.  Efficient touring carts for shipping, unloading, building ,and loading out.   

    "Limiting unnecessary gear, accessories and cases has helped to enhance and streamline the entire process of LED touring production.  Satisfying client scale and production budgets!" 

- Remigio Velez. Chief Executive Officer & Founder 

"What is popular right now in LED touring solutions? It is the Venus touring series by VMX Creative Display, when it comes to the complete package of an LED touring cart , VMX has truly changed the game!"

-Jacob, Lead Rental Sales Rep, AEL Ltd. 

Our most most popular and highly recommended product is the Venus Touring Series. This high-end touring display system is wind-load resistant for rental and touring applications. Die-casting aluminum cabinet/ carbon fiber touring frames, support safe hanging and stacking installations, which are super light weight and durable.

The industry's first guide-rail touring frame, cutting the installation time for a large screen to a minimum. It is very stable and can handle wind speeds of up to 20m/s.

Modular design, module and PSU replacements offer both front and rear access. Climbing steps are available for quick and easy maintenance on-site.

Different pixel modules can interchange on one cabinet frame. Our screen can curve from 2.5*/unit up to 7.5*/unit concave or conclave, that allows unique curve screen design options for visual productions.

Our touring cart is state of the art. The 15 panels in 1 cart system fits perfectly into the truck and improves loading and unloading efficiency.

Make sure to upgrade last years touring model for the new VMX Venus Touring Series for this next tour season!

"It's like nothing I have ever seen before. The simplicity of design elements reflect a passion for ingenuity making this series of LED touring solutions stand out in the ever growing competitive market." 

-GP3, Product Design and Logistics Manager, AEL Ltd.

The Venus Pro Series is state of the art LED technology with superb in-camera performance, action takes place in the round, HDR technology lets the consumers bring to life any motion picture concept. 

"Venus Pro Series makes for the most efficient product on the market. This technology will further advance how we look at designing film stages in the future. This technology is already being used in the industry with Disney's Star Wars, The Mandalorian. With our LED walls, floors, and ceilings, you can transform your environment to virtually anything, or anywhere you can imagine with just the click of a button!"

-Remigio Velez, Chief Executive Officer & Founder

"The versatility of the Venus Plus Series is why I enjoy working with this product, it just lends itself to creative stage designs and fast easy set up!"

-Tanner, LED Tech/Rigger, AEL Ltd.

Photographs are just visual representation of future LED design elements for film stages. The LED used in the photographs are not ours.

 Fun fact, our frames have built in adjustable degree latches that allows for curved screen capabilities, making them more efficient to use because our products require less gear and accessories to accomplish the sleek curved design. Contact us if you are interested in the VMX XR Studio. Our reps can assist you with any questions you have.

Innovative Design for Permanent Installations with our Jupiter Series from VMX.